The importance between innovation success and the leading retailers

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Apr 06, 2021

This week we look at the very important link between innovation success and the leading retailers – in terms of trial and longevity. In addition, we have the first indications of which brand tiers succeeded even more than the market in 2020.


  1. There is close to a one-to-one relationship between the number of buyers for a new product and the number of retailers in which the new product is listed – a clear way to create and monitor realistic new product objectives.
  2. Every additional retailer listing contributes to better chances of the new product surviving at least one year after launch. A second way to understand new product success and likely longevity.
  3. Based on 4 countries, so far, the average brand share for the number one brand increased in 2020 and at least in Western Europe, Private Label dropped back.