Business Challenge Webinar – 23.10.2019

Posted by europanel on Oct 04, 2019

When online brands wander offline

Wednesday 23.10.2019 at 13:00 CET (GMT 12:00)

Duration 60 minutes


What is the impact of adding a manufacturer brick-and-mortar direct channel on the sales performance of the incumbent traditional retail channels, the own online direct channel and the manufacturer’s top- and bottom-line performance?

We investigate these questions for the entry of ten brand stores of a national brand FMCG manufacturer in Germany.

We find no significant evidence of between-firm impact on indirect retail sales, but show significant within-firm cannibalisation on own direct online sales.

While the physical brand store generates an influx of new sales that compensates for lost online sales, top-line growth not always suffices to preserve the bottom line when taking into account the operational costs of the brand store.


Professor Els Breugelmans
Catholic University Leuven


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Europanel Webinar 2019-10-23

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