Business Challenge 2 – 24th September 2020

Posted by europanel on Jan 30, 2020

Brand Price Elasticity around the Globe

Thursday 24.09.2020 at 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT)

Duration 60 minutes


In this webinar, Prof. Steenkamp will take a deep dive into brand price elasticity. He will identify sources of differences in sensitivity of brand sales to price changes.

Is it primarily within a brand over time? Between brands in a category? Between FMCG categories? Or between countries?

This sets the stage for identifying factors that affect brand price elasticity. Using the unique BG20 data for over 30 countries, scores of FMCG categories per country and thousands of brands, he will move beyond studying brands in well-known markets like the U.K., France, Germany or the U.S. and also compare price elasticity in emerging markets versus developed markets and for different regions of the world (e.g., Western Europe vs Eastern Europe).


Professor Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, University of North Carolina


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Europanel Webinar 2020-09-24

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