BG20 Webinar – 27th May 2021

Posted by europanel on May 06, 2021

Thursday 27.05.2021 at 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT)

Duration 60 minutes


The BG20 team will share an overview of recent learnings to inspire your thinking about brand growth and provide an update of some of our plans for the rest of this year.

Richard will talk about latest FMCG developments based on our Barometer database, with a special focus on COVID impact on big brands, PL and channel preferences.

John will share our plans regarding the 3rd instalment of our #WhoCaresWhoDoes initiative which links consumer attitudes regarding sustainability (e.g. brand perceptions, environmental concerns, accountability or sustainability expectations) with their behaviors (e.g. sustainable choices or channel preferences).

Oliver will provide first insights regarding our work on brand portfolios. We have created a database of several thousand brand portfolios across ten markets and investigate, for example, the link between portfolio size and market share, the link between brand and manufacturer growth, or the link between brand buyer overlap and manufacturer share.


Europanel Webinar 2021-05-27

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