BG20 Webinar – 24th June 2021

Posted by europanel on Jun 03, 2021

Thursday 24.06.2021 at 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT)

Duration 60 minutes


Is There a Hierarchy of Effects in Advertising?
Empirical Generalizations for Consumer Packaged Goods

Which Hierarchy of Effects (HOE), if any, operates for your brand’s advertising? We analyze this question for 178 fast-moving consumer goods brands in 18 categories over seven years. We find general support for the integrated HOE framework, but large variation in the sequence of the effects based not just on category, but also brand differentiation and market share.


Koen Pauwels

Distinguished Professor of Marketing

D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University


Europanel Webinar 2021-06-24

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