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Posted by europanel on Nov 14, 2017

Join us for our upcoming webinar

Wednesday 29.11.2017 at 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT)

Duration 60 minutes


In this webex we will answer three questions:

Is Once Enough?

Based on a new perspective to understand brand growth we distinguish between three different sources of growth: occasions from retained buyers, first occasions by new buyers, additional occasions by new buyers. We will explain the added insights such a perspective can deliver and how growing brands typically benefit from these sources – depending on context.

Is Premiumization Happening?

Brands can grow through different pathways: How to get more volume (via reach, frequency or awp) is much discussed, while growth through higher prices receives comparably less attention. We will show how common such a strategy is – and which marketing activities premiumizing brands implement.

How Do Brands Grow?

As always, we will show recent learnings and work-in-progress based on our global BG20 initiative. Among the topics presented you will find learnings on the fate of big brands and the prominence and success of brand portfolios.



Robert Wade
Richard Herbert
Oliver Koll


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Europanel Webinar 2017-11-29
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