Europanel Business Challenge Webinar 14.06.2017

Posted by europanel on May 26, 2017

Private Labels: Is the sky still the limit?

Private labels (PLs) have fundamentally changed the CPG industry. Given their prolonged growth across more and more categories, the sky has, for a long time, been the limit. However, much of the available evidence has been based on a very limited set of developed countries. Importantly, in most of these countries, private-label growth has recently slowed down and even stopped. This has caused many analysts to conclude (perhaps prematurely) that private labels have hit the proverbial glass ceiling. Such bold statements ignore the fact that in other parts of the world, private-labels still show double-digit growth numbers.

Using an unprecedented data set that covers more than a decade of data on more than 50 different CPG categories in over 50 different countries (covering all continents), we investigate (a) whether and (b) where significant private-label growth can still be expected, both geographically and category-wise. Subsequently, we evaluate the effectiveness of different strategic options that retailers (manufacturers) have to accelerate (attenuate) future PL growth, and show how these strategies should be tailored to the region one is operating in.


The Presenter

Name: Marnik Dekimpe
Position: Professor of Marketing
Company: Tilburg University


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Topic: Business Challenge Webinar
Date/Time: 14 June 2017 13:00 (CET) 
Duration: 60 minutes


Europanel Webinar 2017-06-14
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